The all-in-one platform

to launch an online business

Milkbox comes packed with out-of-the-box tools for automating sales funnels, payment processing, and customer support.  It means you can forget about hiring developers to piece together your funnels at great cost. Milkbox takes care of it all in one shot - so they can enjoy more time to focus on scaling their venture.

Build faster with an effortless drag-and-drop interface
Milkbox makes it easy to assemble components and convert leads. Business owners get access to proven, high-converting page elements, and can tweak them however they like, including:
  • Shopping Cart
  • Images and video
  • Check-out pages
  • Calls to action
  • Credit card forms

  • Supporting content blocks

  • Plan selection interfaces

Optimize automatically to make more sales
Milkbox A/B and multivariate tests to see which funnel performs better. Then it goes further, running big-picture experiments on pricing, geo distribution, multi-step flows, page elements, membership plans and more.
Unlike other site builders, Milkbox lets businesses test anything they want. They simply determine which elements to test, which users to target, which parameters to put in place, and how many variants to include. And when a winners is declared, Milkbox will push it live automatically.
Manage multiple products and user experiences
One entrepreneur needs to launch hundreds of variations of the same product. Another has multiple products in different markets. Milkbox lets both of them go big, fast. It quickly automates product variations based on everything from the product name, URLs, design, imagery, copy, flows and more.
That means hitting the market with multiple products in the same time it takes for just one.
Stay in control with powerful data tools
Milkbox's intuitive data visualization tools tell real-time stories about a business that can be understood by anyone.
Users can go from data to charts in a matter of minutes, and customize it in a way that works for them. They can set up alerts on their computer or phone so that they're protected against lost revenue if something is not set up right.
Machine learning takes businesses ahead of their competition
Milkbox gives insights faster, and allows entrepreneurs to create predictive models to help them plan their next business moves more intelligently than ever.
They can stay ahead of the curve using alerts, machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, predictive analytics and other AI technologies.